To my Cousins the Credles August 14 1988

Giving honor to God, our father, savior and friend. To the Credles a unique family of fourteen. Seven brothers, seven sisters and their families. To their aunt Martillo C Williams and her family. To their cousin Allice Garrison and her family. To their many cousins and friends.
We thank God for this wonderful blessing of meeting together today. This the day which the Lord and we came to rejoice and be glad with.

We came from East and West, North and South, near and afar to fellowship, get acquainted and enjoy each other.

We also thank God that this beautiful family has made this reunion so nice that we will never forget.

They brought us to our home state of North Carolina, one of the most beautiful states in the USA.

We had our spiritual food at your home church. Green Hill Baptist Church in Bayboro, N.C. this morning. It was good to our hearts, souls and bodies. Now we will eat the material food which has been prepared for us in Kinston N.C. at this beautiful Sheraton Inn.

That’s why we give honor to God first because it was he that made all this possible. Thanks to Thomas, Charlie, Dowa, Wilbert, Horace Fred, Ray and Hattie, Pleasant, Mildred, Maude, Ruby, Lillian, and Rachel, a family of togetherness. May you ever remain that way.

I am so proud to be one of your many cousins and our families’ your relatives. I will now sign off with this:

Thank you dear cousins for inviting us. May God forever bless you and your. When there comes times in your lives that you may feel down, cheer up and think of his goodness to you. Yes think of his goodness to you. He let you have this reunion too. If you do his good will, he will be with you still. So always think of his goodness to you.

Lastly, thank your God for giving us life, Health, protection, guidance, love and peace.

Composed and written with lots of love by your cousin – Thelma Louise Williams Pleasant
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