As the family ages, it is important that we document some of the family stories so that they will serve as a historical documents for future generations. Some have been lost through the ages, but there is few that never same to escape the mind and never same to grow old.
Thomas Franklin Credle Sr (1855 - 1921) moved his family to Pamlico County sometime in the early 1900s. The exact date is not known,
however, the 1900 Hyde County Census census list his occupation as a railroad worker and on the 1910 Pamlico County census listed his occupation as a Farmer. He build a home and established resident on Neal Creek Road, Bayboro NC. His older brother James O. Credle (1844 - 1920) and his family also lived and owned a farm in and around Neal Creek Road. Thomasís home eventually became the home of the Simuel Himbry (1878-1950). With the death of Simuel the property became the possession of his son Joseph Himbry Sr (1916-1986) and Hattie Credle (1916-2001). They remodeled the two story house and reduced it to one story which still exist.
From Hyde County To Pamlico County
Amanda Credle (1899 - 1953) the granddaughter of a civil war veteran, was a remarkable woman, who raised 14 children in addition to
helping her husband on the farm, she did the house work, cooked for the large family, plus she earned extra family income for outside house work for a white family. Her grandfather Robert Dunbar ((1847-1920) lies next to his daughter and Amanda's mother Maude Dunbar (1878 - 1918) in the family cemetery in Stonewall NC. He also is honored with his name on a plaque in Washington DC dedicate to those African Americans that served in the Civil War for US Colored Troops (USCT). The plot of land that the Credle home was build on was awarded to Robert for his service in the war and eventually given to his daughters Martilla Carmen and Amanda Credle. The property is located on Dunbar Lane in Bayboro NC, is still owned by the Credle family.
Grand Daughter of Civil War Veteran
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